Monday, February 27, 2006

Octavia Butler, 1947-2006

Octavia Butler, one of the country's leading science fiction authors, died Friday after a fall outside her home in Lake Forest Park, Seattle, WA. The African American was the first science fiction author to receive a MacArthur Foundation "genius grant.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Oh, to be tagged...


Three books I can read over and over:

1) The Lord of the Rings (Tolkien)
2) Harry Potter books (Rowling)
3) Shakespeare's plays

Three places I've lived:

1) Silver Spring, MD (hometown)
2) Mission District, San Francisco (my second hometown)
3) Capitol Hill, Seattle (my third and current home)

Three TV shows I love:

1) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2) Smallville
3) Supernatural

Three highly regarded and recommended TV shows that I've never watched a single minute of:

1) Gray's Anatomy
2) Lost
3) Oz

Three places I've vacationed:

1) Taipei, Taiwan
2) Grand Junction, Colorado, US
3) Jacksonville, NC, US

Three of my favorite dishes:

1) most kinds of sushi
2) my mother's (and now my) world famous chinese dumplings
3) sauteed mussels and garlic

Three sites I visit daily:


Three places I would rather be right now:

1) San Francisco, CA
2) with my friends in Maryland
3) at home playing WoW

Three bloggers I am tagging:

1) Things As They Are (Marc Ruppel)
2) Sweet Machine (Laura P.)
3) High Yella (Sydney L.)


Given the recent critique and defense of, I thought this was an amusing site: I know I use wikipedia all of the time (and do my students) with a grain of salt (which my students don't seem to take).

I-10 Witness Project (Digital Stories)

A friend of mine, Patrick Strange, a New Orleanian, passed this project on to me months back in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. He writes, "For the last couple of moths, a few of friends and I have been recording the stories of people affected by Hurricane Katrina. We are recording audio in mp3 format and releasing it into the public domain. The project, called I-10 Witness Project, is a non-profit funded by donations and the particular generosity of the Center for Digital Story Telling in Berkeley: Basically, we feel as if the personal stories of the people who were in New Orleans before, during, and after the storm are not being told through conventional media and news sources. Like anyone who loves New Orleans, we believe that not only do these personal accounts deserve a platform, but that they are perhaps the most telling history of the storm and its effects. We are compiling audio clips, photographs, reports, and in-depth stories on the web. Once the recording process is completed, we will then deliver the audio files along with photographs to public archives so people will be able to access them for years to come."

Check it out:

Digital Bubble Wrap

Refrigerator Magnets